Custom Web Page Designer


Whether you're a well established business, an entrepreneur starting an ecommerce site, or find yourself in need of a professional website you will receive quality work at competitive prices. Along with web page design the following services are offered: website updates with customer supplied content, web hosting, custom web applications, and graphics design. Please note these are all optional. Many web design firms will lead you to believe they are the only hosting choice and overprice their servers or require you to go through them to update website content. With Rare-Designs that is not the case, we want to put it in your hands.


There is more to web page design than appearance. For example, it is important that search engines recognize the quality of the site and its keywords so that a greater amount of traffic can be received. Depending upon the quality of optimization search engines can give a website nearly all of its traffic or none. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cuts back largely on the advertisement bill while at the same time giving a boost to revenue, which can make or break ecommerce sites. The best advertising method is the one that sends targeted visitors to a product, and you won't get any higher amount of targeted visitors then with SEO.


At Rare-Designs we pride ourselves on having some of the best SEO designs available. We are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest methods of optimization while incorporating our own unique ideas. Having a high SEO site can adversely affect the appearance (i.e., no slide in graphics or heavy animation). However if the website does not need SEO, we are prepared to design a graphic intense website to compete with the most alluring layouts online.